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Get in Position: Link Arms to Know God and See His Works

Let’s stop looking out for Numero Uno. Let’s boldly buck against a culture that shouts, “You do you.” Let’s stop trying to go it alone. Instead, let’s empower our generation to bravely link arms with other women to get in position to know God and see His works.

That’s How I Role: Married in the 21st Century

I have never been cool. The first time I spun, “That’s how I roll” into conversation, I followed with the obvious confession of that being “the first time I’ve ever said that out loud.” But I am funny. My teenage son ranks me the third funniest in our family (…of three). And a pun never escapes my attention. So, after a conversation with a few married couples who were asking Shawn and I married-life-questions, I dropped the mic with, “That’s how we role.” Then picked it back up and said, “Get it? Role? R-O-L-E.”