About Shena

At five years old I had quite the collection of books. While I wasn’t great at rhyming, I did have a knack for alphabetical order—so all my books got lined up, spines out, nice and tall in alphabetical order by title: Animalia, Good Night Moon, Make Way for Ducklings… A little older, I discovered the library organized their books by the author’s last name and genre. So, that’s what I did. E.L. Konigsburg, C. S. Lewis, E. B. White…

For years I collected books of all genres and age levels. I had a library all my own and, eventually, a little fellow (my son, Austin) to read them. After that, I became a teacher and had a classroom full of special kiddos and books.

These were my books, but not my stories. So now, with a plethora of creative ideas, just a speck of know-how, and a whole lot of ambition, I write!

I’m Shena, a wife, a mom, an adventurer, a scientist, a teacher, and a children’s writer. I am passionate about telling the true stories of intriguing people, interesting places, and impressive science topics.


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